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Re: Cut Tire - Dunlop D60 A2

Some qlisters wrote:

>I was surprised to read that Andrew Duane's Dunlop one month old Dunlop
>D60 A2 blew out at the sidewall and he had it replaced. I read that
>Friday morning.

>Going through New York yesterday, my tire did the same thing. It's about

>You mean there's a pattern here? The "old" (1990, OEM) Dunlop D60 I had
>also had a blow-out when I took a trip to Kansas City. I considered it as
>a freak accident then...

Oh boy...I'm not too happy to hear this.  I just spent a nice chunk of cash
getting 4 of these puppies installed on my 90 *today*.  Good thing I opted
for the warranty...

Chris Lemon