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multidisfunction switch, Dunlops

Interesting to see about the multi-function switch that (among other arcane
things) works the temp gauge. Mine's dead too.

Someone said "take it out and clean it" - have not taken mine out yet - is
it open to be cleaned, or is this a sealed unit?

Prices on this item range from a local low of $48.00-$55.00 to mail order
prices (from vendor list) of $55-75, to Reputed Audi list of $12 bazillion x
10-14th plus standard first-born son clause. (Sorry - no kids, can't buy
from them.)

Also - had a problem with Hal (autocheck) complaining about washer fluid
low. Hello, Hal, your washer fluid is full. No, it isn't Dave. You must be
mistaken, Dave. Yes it is full, Hal; let me drown you in it, ya dumb
computer! Hal: "Glub!"

Problem was the sender in the washer fluid bottle. Seems the float has a
magnet in the end of it which operates a switch THROUGH the plastic housing.
Crud and corrosion on the magnet had locked the float in the down/resevoir
empty position, hence the autocheck complaint. Cleaned the assembly, checked
for free motion, works fine now, handed Hal a towel and told him not to
bother me again unless there really is something wrong (Now he's complaining
about the brakes - which also work fine. Dumb computer.)

Dunlop tire problems - seems to be a trend here - anyone check with the DOT
or NTSB to see if there's a callback or service difficulty report on file?
There's an 800 # to do this - I don't have it handy, but I think it is in
every issue of Consumer Reports. (Not too wild about CU - they seem to want
everyone to drive gray 4 door standard shift sedans - not sporty 2 door
convertibles - but wait a minnit - my 5KCS is a gray, standard shift 4 door
sedan - Stealth Fun perhaps?)

Happy (Stealth) Audinaut,

Mike Arman