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Audi saved my life tonight (literally)

Fellow Audians,

Tonight while driving to my parents for Thanksgiving dinner, some idiot 
who didn't have the load in his pickup trick tied down, lost a roll of 
carpeting on the highway.  With rush-hour traffic going 130 khm in the 
passing lane, the *idiot* stops his truck dead and tries to *stop 
traffic* so he can pick up his carpet.  For you from Ontario, it was on 
the 401 across Toronto.  For the rest of you, this is a twelve lane wide 
cavalcade of horror to drive on.  While cars all around me were 
screeching, swirling from lane to lane all around me, coming at me from 
my rear-view mirror and both sides and from the front.... my 11 year old 
5000 CD Turbo that clicked over to 200,000km this week stopped straight 
as an arrow. No ABS.  Not a scratch. My heart has been in my mouth ever 
since, but I can't help 
to think that if I was in a lesser car, I wouldn't be sitting here right now.

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