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RE: A4 = Passat?

Is the narrow-angle VW VR6 the same engine as in the Audi though?  If
they're different, how?

The Passat is about $6K less expensive fully-loaded than an equivalent A4
(without quattro).  I'm curious if the cost is entirely the four-ring logo,
better service, better suspension, and optional quattro.


At 11:17 AM 15-10-96 -0700, you wrote:
>The new Passat (97?) is to a large extent an A4. It's somewhat longer
>and has the rear suspension from the next A6. It will probably have a
>different and partially overlapping engine range. The narrow angle V6 is
>actually the VW VR6 (15 degrees), I believe.
>- peter
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>>I saw a Volkswagon Passat sedan yesterday - it looks like an A4
>>doppleganger.  Same grilled, different logo.  Same trunk-line, same rear
>>quarter-window, same everything.  So I looked up the configurations.  It can
>>be had with what I'd guess is the same engine, a "narrow-angle 172bhp 2.8L
>>So is the A4 just a higher level of trim and suspension than the base
>>Passat, but otherwise the same car?