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Re: BTCC Cntr Diff Riddle

..>From: mike tipton <mtipton@netten.net>
..>Date: Mon, 14 Oct 1996 19:56:48 -0500
..>I have a "friend" whom says Audi and AP Racing have been working 
..>together on a "new type" of traction control differential, simular in 
..>function to that of a Quafe! 
..>In an article in "Race Car Engineering" they are quoted as saying the 
..>gearbox houses a front and center diff all in three separate units that 
..>bolt onto the back of the bell housing. The center diff is quoted as 
..>being in the rear part of the gearbox, while the foward diff is in the 
..>front section of the gearbox.
..>No wonder they wouldnt let you take pictures of it! Its probably a 
..>"trade secret"

well actually, that is the normal quattro diff assembly mike.

i understand that audi have invested a lot of time and dollars in low friction diffs
which minimise the frictional losses that awd cars have (2 extra diffs) over the fwd
and rwd ones.

remember that in fia class 2 where you have engine capacity limits
*and* rev limits, this severely limits the potential hp gains your engine might gain
over the opposition, and means that the premium is in minimising all frictional losses.
i was amazed to find the absolute science that went into oil pumps and scavengers
with a view to minimising engine frictional losses....

'93 s2
'90 ur-q