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Re: Draggin'

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

>>But you're only going in a straight line!  No "differential" betwen the
>>rotation rates means no need for a differential, n'est-ce pas?  The lock
>>would be to keep traction if one or more wheel start spinnin' while youse
>>draggin'.  Actually I guess it would prevent spinnin' until all four
>>could burn...
>Turn the diff locks on and drive the car in a circle on tarmac and listen
to the tyres !

Straight line.  Straight line.  Straight line!  Of course it'll scrub if you
turn, like my F250 in 4wd.  The 1/4 mile referred to in the original
question is a drag race (see: subject line) - a straight line.  Oh, but I
see by your spelling of tyres that you are UKish.  No silly drag racing in
UK.  No ovals either (don't get that started again!)  So I guess the
original questioners intent was lost in the translation.  Took me a long
time to get used to some of these stateside conventions and I live here!

Huw again

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