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Re: Need Euro-Light Part Number

>I am ready to order the last few parts to install my Euro-lights from
>a 1984 Quattro.  BUT I'm missing ONE part number - the part number
>for the headlight electrical socket.  (Ya know, the lamp plugs into

They're the same for all euro headlights, that have one lamp for low/high
beam, which is indeed a H4 (60/55W standard). I just pulled mine, and it
says AMP 927 284 (which might not be the part #). As the lights are
standard parts, you should be able to use a standard universal H4
connector. (cost me $6 at the auto parts store)  I've been able to do so
when I needed to replace the connectors on an MG B and a VW Jetta
(oxydised, RIP)

>Linda at Carlsen (who has been a real sweetie with me...) says she
>needs either the part number, or the lamp number (Like H4 or
>whatever) and the configuration of the contacts; ie., are the
>contacts arranged in a triangle, straight across, or what?

My attempt at ASCII art:

* __      *
*          *
*         |*
*          *
* __      *

>As a related issue, I'm not sure which lamps go with the Euro lights.
>Are they H4's?

See above!

Good luck Al!


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