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RE: if it ain't broke...

Hi Frank

>i'm still not sure why my computer has the fuel consumption gauge rather
>than the boost gauge.

Your dash is the one that was _VERY RARELY_ fitted to the Coupé Quattro
(Non-Turbo).  It is documented in the owners manual for this car which I
have an English copy of.  If you look carefully at a Quattro Turbo Coupé
Dash in direct sunlight, you will see the symbol for this consumption
indicator above the word 'BAR' next to the Boost Guage.  I imagine you will
see the word 'BAR' below your 'l/100km'?  You can also switch between a
full and part indicator of revs by holding in the 'Reset' button on the
Trip computer control whilst it is in the 'Range' display.  My Urq does not
do this and it bugs me as I don't like the partial (Two point) display as
much.  Is this a fault with mine anybody?  Or is this a difference between
the two Dashboards?

                                Ian Gregory

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