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S6 lap times?

Scott wrote ...
> He slid that S6 around the track with the confidence of a PR driver,
> slowly eating the tires in the process, but he obviously had a blast....   

   Can anyone provide lap times they've turned/witnessed in an S4/S6 at 
Road America, Blackhawk Farms, Lime Rock or Gingerman?  Noting level of car 
and driver prep would be helpful too.  I'm curious about the speed of these 
nearly two ton monsters.  ( I ask about these tracks in particular, as I 
have first-head experience with them... if you have other, I'm certain I 
can find something to compare with. )

 David Hillman
 1991 alfa romeo 164l | aroc, nma, scca
 ( no, no quattros yet, but either an S* or a TTs soon/not-so-soon )