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BTCC centre diff

>>The diffs _seem_ to be directly connected by a solid propshaft.  The
though, is _very_ light - 7 or 8lbs fully populated.  <<

Your really confusing us all over this one Phil.
If the car only has a front and rear diff and these are connected together by a
carbon fibre shaft, where does the drive come in from?
What was actually said in the first instant, that led you to believe there was
no centre diff?
And how does the fact that  Bintcliffes diffs were on the work bench lead you to
be certain the cars have no centre diff. I was assuming you had seen inside the
centre diff casing (on the back of the G'box?) and seen a no diff arrangement.
With no centre diff things will 'wind up', or maybe thats what you are doing to
us ;-)

John Haygarth
1984 ur q (mine, engine in bits, anyone in UK know whereabouts of good WR or MB
1986 100CS Avant q (for Sam, the dog)
1992 Golf3 1.8CL (for upper management use,(hers))
1977 Opel Kadett GTE (for SV rallies)