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Re: Audi moving upmarket?

>>Also, I have heard the price of the A8 to be in the range of 64-75k, so
>>I guess I can definately mark that one off my list.  This seems to be
>>just as pricey as the BMW 7-series, though don't quote me on that since
>>those cars are WAY out of my price range.
>hey, actually the price of the A8 is 57,000 for the front wheel drive
>model and the 230 hp v8, all the way up to 65000 for the quattro and the
>300 hp v8.  I thik that this price is quite reasonable compared to the
>cars it is designed to compete with..namely the 740iL that is about 60
>something thousand dollars, or the 750iL which is 100,000 dollars.  The
>nthere is the Merc.  which ranges from the i think about 80 something
>thousand for the 6 cylender model to 120,000 for their 12 cylender model ,
>and the v8 in between with i think 95,000.  Oh well in my mind the A8 is
>priced competitively for the market and is not overpriced especialy when
>you have an all aluminum body, frame, suspension and engine.  Aluminum
>does cost a lot more remember.  Well that is just my 2 cents.
>85 Coupè