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No armrest on 1.8T???!!!

>It looks like if you want the wood trim, folding front center armrest 
>and leather upholstery your only option is the 2.8.  

As silly as it sounds, the center armrest on Audi's is one of my 
favorite features.  It's higher than all the other manufacturers out 
there, so your not leaning to the point your almost parallel with the 
dash! It's also not the long, skinny kind like the Bimmers where your 
elbow slides off.

Does anybody know if the 1.8T will have the capability to get the 
armret seperatly (say from Linda@Carlson) and independently installed.  
Seems to me the key will if the design of the drivers seat is the same 
as the 2.8, then the internal workings should be the same.  Or am I 
just dreaming?!

89 200tqw