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Audi B.S.


	Sorry and welcome.  Sorry to hear about your V8 prollems, and 
welcome to the cold weather world of corporations.

	Don't know where you live, but most states have a lemon law 
concerning automobiles.  Since your car is 6 years old, chances are, if 
you had a "lemon" case, the time has run to assert the claim against 
Audi.  But, if the dealership got the flier [no excuse that it didn't if 
it is an authorized dealership] on the 60k timing belt change then it 
should have been changed at the 60k check.  Sounds like you have a valid 
claim against the dealer.  The rack cost is probably yours, unless a 
similar thing happened re:  the rack, as happened on the belt.

	Brother Phil sez  >>>you should have Audi on your side against 
the dealership<<<<   Yeah, and Toto should have been a trained German 
Shepherd capable of biting the wicked witch's ass.  Bottom line is, as 
much as I love my Audi's, it is amazing that Audi has sold the number of 
cars it has through that hell-pit called a dealership network.  I have 
very little regard for how Audi has handled some very clear problems on 
its' expensive car line.  Witness here the 5k auto [been through 3 here], 
5k rack [anyone out there had Audi fix it for free recently?], UFO 
brakes, etc.  Each of the above should have  caused a recall for 
replacement on *all* cars---not some wimpy "secret" program.

	Take it up with the dealer on the timing belt question.  If you 
get nowhere there, maybe you need a lawyer--which in and of itself causes 
this situation to become lose, lose.  But, of course, Audi knows this.

	Sad story chuk---IMHO you should raise 4 ton of hell down at the 
dealership.  I don't advise you do this, but I have had, on occasion, 
pretty good results when the hell is raised on a busy day on the 
dealership floor:)  In fact, Audi dealer not too far from here lost 3 
lookers when I told them they would certainly get fuc*** by the dealer if 
they bought a car "here"---story gets really good after the manager 
grabbed my arm :):):):)  Perhaps another time for that one.

Good Luck, you will need it.