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For Sale: 1977 Audi Fox, 4 door, 97,000 miles


1977  AUDI  FOX

Only 97,000 miles
4-door sedan, Mars Red colour
Good working condition (driven every day to work)
Vehicle is complete and driveable, but not safetied - probably cannot be
registered in provinces or states requiring a safety inspection

Useful parts in good condition include:
engine  (4 cyl, 1588 cc)
transmission (4 speed manual),   CV joints
fuel injection system
water pump

sports steering wheel from Audi Fox GTI version
seats from GTI version (charcoal corduroy)
instrument cluster
heater core with blower
windshield wiper mechanism, washer

wheels, chrome trim rings, hub caps
windshield, rear window, all door glass
interior door panels, ceiling liner, rear view mirror
headlights, side marker lights, tail lights

Also have a variety of other Audi Fox parts removed from another 
vehicle (79 Fox 2-door), including:
radiator, front strut, windshield wipers, dashboard, blower, 
rear seats (beige velour), interior fittings, 2 wheels, etc.

If interested, call:
		Walter Turchyn
		204-253-4000 (home)
or e-mail to wturchyn@vansco.mb.ca

I know this is a world-wide group, but I'm not really prepared to
transport this vehicle very far from Winnipeg, Canada.

Thanks for reading!