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Battery and Dealer Prices

Hey all!

	I'm back!! (For two quick questions.)  Then again, how many of you
even noticed that I was missing?

	1)  I need a new battery for my 1987 5000cs quattro.  I remember
talk last year about when replacing you battery to be sure and get a
vented(?) battery or something like that.  What is the concensus on what
type of battery I sould get?  

	2)  I have been trying to get my hands on an 1997 A4 1.8T Quattro
for a test drive.  Of course, the dealers have been telling me they don't
know when they will arrive.  However, I did here some disturbing news.
All A4 1.8T's from now until January (those slated for United States
consumption) will be automatics.  Ugh!  The good news is that the price
for an A4 1.8T will start at $22,900 plus the $500 shiiping charge.  Now
here is the question:  Does anyone know the dealer prices on the following
options?: 	a) Quattro- $1600 list price
		b) Sport Package- $1000 list price (and a steal from my
		point of view)
		c) Metallic paint- $460
	To get the options I want and only the options I want (call me
crazy, I don't like a sunroof) I will have to special order the car from
Germany.  Not a big deal, order it in February, pick it up in May or June.
Now that is what I call a graduation present.  
	Also, on the A4 1.8T the leather faced interior is a no cost
option.  Does anyone know if I could substitute the leather faced interior
for the interior that comes with the Sport package?  I figure that since
I'm going to special order the car it might be possible. 
	Also (#2), will there be a chip upgrade (read legal) for the 1.8T
soon (by May)?
	Also (#3), If I get the job I'm hoping to get I'll be stationed in
the Washington, DC area.  In fact, that is where I'm living right now.
The dealer I've been talking to is located on Eads Street in Alexandria,
Va.  (Sorry, I don't remember the name).  Does anyone know of this dealer
and if so, what their rep. is?  I have been talking to a guy named Mike
and he seems Like areally nice guy, a real quattro freak.  He told me that
65% of the cars they sell are quattro.  Wow!!  
	Anywho, any responses can go right to this address.  It's my
girlfriends account but I'll get the messages.  Thanks in advance.  Hope
to be back on-line in January.

	Andrew Shea