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Re: Radars/CDs

I lived in L.A. for a while.  One of the first photoradar trailers was
parked on a regular route of mine.  Unlike Oregon, in L.A. they didn't TELL
you you'd been clocked and would soon get a ticket.  They moved the trailer
around sometimes, but to a few specific places, usually straight-aways in
between blind curves.

To be honest, the idea of photo radar bothered me more than the
implementation.  The places they put it really were important places to not
be speeding.  Even without my radar detector, I probably would have never
gotten a radar ticket.


Bill wrote:
>Interesting discussions on photo-radar used in Europe. Fortunately there
>was only a couple of towns in the US using this, one being Pasadena CA.
>I heard they stopped for awhile but now have started using it again. 
>Has anyone had experience with this type of trap in the US and/or
>comments about its effectiveness?