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Re: Radar alert

>past one fast enough it would miss the picture.  You know, sort of like
>trying to take pictures of indy cars travelling in excess of 100mph.

Hm... good idea. Either don't speed, or be a Speed Demon. It probably
won't work -- especially if they use flashlight.


Assuming that the camera is auto exposure. With that, you'd want to turn
your lights on to full-blash, confusing the AE that it guesses it has
enough light to take picture without the flash. This would only work in
the night, and assuming that the flash is controlled by the AE (and not
"time zone" controlled). From here, I'd be amused as to what "bureaucracy
rebel" car's front-end would look like... First of all, the car would be
all-black to hide from laser. Two IR-filter-covered lights near the
headlights (and one near the license plate). Two halogen 1000w lights
aimed off-center twoard theright (or left, depending where you are). Wow.

Note the CCD often used in today's camera for AE is also sensitive to IR.

A silly idea:

It just pop into my mind that if the intent is to blur the picture to make
it unidentifiable, then why not do it on the license plat itself?
Remembering the discussion of the rotating orebital buffer...

Get the highest RPM orbital buffer you can. Now make a hole on your front
(and rear) license-holding area. But the obital buffer and put your
license plate on the buffer. Anytime you think you're near the photo-radar
zone, flip on the buffer. Hopefully the orbital buffer has enough
off-center buzzz to make the license plate a blurrrrr on the picture.

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