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Re: Radar alert

Psycho Bob sed:

>A silly idea:
>It just pop into my mind that if the intent is to blur the picture to make
>it unidentifiable, then why not do it on the license plat itself?
>Remembering the discussion of the rotating orebital buffer...
>Get the highest RPM orbital buffer you can. Now make a hole on your front
>(and rear) license-holding area. But the obital buffer and put your
>license plate on the buffer. Anytime you think you're near the photo-radar
>zone, flip on the buffer. Hopefully the orbital buffer has enough
>off-center buzzz to make the license plate a blurrrrr on the picture.

I heard this tale on one of the Q-club runs:

There is some guy with a really wild 911TT, who has these neat features integrated 
in the Porch's *ss on order to discourage (make it to "DISCOURAGE") the "muscle 
car" tailgaters, frequently picking on him:

1. The rear license plate flips outwards down, parrallel to the ground, by some 
electromagnetic actuators.
2. That exposes a halogen projector lamp with a bazillion candlepower lumenisity, 
that shoots a focused beam at the intruder.
3. If 1&2 fail to deliver a message, a flip of the switch releases a gallon of 
motor oil from underbelly of the car.

I don't know if any of this is true, but it sure sounds entertaining.