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Re: CQs (and V8s) Imported, was Dirty Wheels

According to my '90 -91 Coupe Quattro parts microfiche (which I purchased
some kind member of this list, but lost the name):

1990 model year started in May '89, ran to 7/31/90
1991 model year started in Aug. '90, ran to 7/31/91
No listing for '92, and frankly haven't heard of a US '92 Coupe

Ray Calvo (porsray@aol.com)
1990 Coupe Quattro


In a message dated 96-10-19 06:03:04 EDT, you write:

 From: "Duff, Ian" <iduff@charter.com>
 Date: Fri, 18 Oct 1996 23:35:18 -0400
 Subject: RE: CQs (and V8s) Imported, was Dirty Wheels
 Not sure about the '89 model year, mine has a build date of 5/89, but a
 1990 VIN date code. There are some with owners on this list apparently
 sold as 1991 models. The '92s must be left-overs. My guess, and that's
 all it is, is that they were only sold as 1990 or 1991 models. HTH.
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 Ian Duff, 1990 Coupe quattro 20v, Red/Black
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