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Re: Radar alert

>A friend of mine living in Germany tells me that down there speed cameras
>are with flashes. So people hand CDs on their rear-view mirrors and the
>highly reflective surface of a CD blinds the cameras using their own flash.

I read about that in AutoBild magazine. It doesn't work... they've tested
it. And neither do those anti-flash license plate covers, or (really) hair
spray on your 'plates. And they've tested a gadget that senses the flash
and gives an immediate 'anti-flash' that should overpower the camera.
Doesn't work either.

I guess we're back to looking for those !@#$% cameras along the road side
and stepping on the brakes... or keeping to the speed limit.

Still waiting for my ticket to arrive (145kph in a 120kph zone),

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