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From misc.rural

I got this article from misc.rural today. Somehow, it seems to
be applicable to this list....

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Subject: Re: Building garage, what to include?
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>Barry Thomas wrote:
> Getting ready to build a free standing 3 vehicle garage/workshop.  What
> would you include while building?  I've thought about plumbing air lines
> with outlets every few feet.  What about electrical plans?  Heating?
> What about overhead lifts?  Would appreciate any advice, "wish I had",
> or suggestions.
> Barry
> thomas@hsonline.net

I haven't seen anyone mention an office area, where you
can keep your Motors manuals, maintenance records, sundry
books and paperwork, fridge with soda pop (& beer), back issues of
Hemmings Motor News, etc. It's also a good place to keep
the shop stereo -- where it won't get so dusty and won't
be exposed to paint and solvents. An old blacksmith I
worked for years ago kept a cot in his shop office, for
those occasional episodes when his wife opined that he
wasn't fit to sleep under the same roof as herself.



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