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Re: Another Kanc Run Review

> Well, it was a blast.

WOW, bdtd. Usually these yankee types are so repressed the speed limit is, 
"if you're having ANY fun, you're going too durn fast." Now we can relate 
to the comedian who said, "German car shifters don't have as many numbers 
as American cars. they only say first, second, third, and YAHOO!"

I started at the back of the pack since I was trying to call Glen Powell, 
who lives up towards where we were headed, to let him know to "get ready." 
Let me tell you, this was not a good group to be trying to catch up to. 
Especially with a NH State Revenue Enhancement Officer harvesting a victim 
one mile north of the rest area/liquor store.

Best parts about the trip for me:  noone got bent, noone got cited. Second 
best, being able to attach faces to the characters (pun not intended) on my 
screen. Third best, the orange car catching me so fast on Bear Crotch Road 
i almost cr*pped myself, and i thought i must be setting a "track" record! 

At first glance in the mirror (yep, i got my license in the U.S. but still 
know what it's for) I thought it was Chris Semple's twin to my car, except 
his is b-a red instead of white. Chris has repeatedly assured me that no 
easy performance mods were available for my car (or his then, right?). I 
thought, "Chris, you cheating b*stard! why are you holding out?! Then I 
slowed (to ~80) and waved the car around, as if I could prevent it anyway. 
When Chris Sanborn blasted past I knew from the music emminating rearward 
that it was a ur-q, not a 4kcsq. For those who are wondering how one could 
confuse a b-a red '87 4kcsq front end with an orange '83 (?) ur-q, keep in 
mind that we were in excess of double the speed limit in a "brake for 
moose, it could save your life" zone, and with the clouds, the lighting was 
rather flat, ie low contrast. Glenn Lawton soon found the same orange rig 
behind his _beautiful_, race-ready ur-q. He was a little more mindful of 
bottoming his suspension on the less-than-ideal road surfaces than Chris 
Sanborn, who, incidentally, has driven pro rally.

Instead of braking for moose, those who made the second/third run on BC 
Road were forced to brake for a moose-brained hunter who had his truck 
parked perpendicular to, and with the front bumper over, the center line of 
the road, while loading a recently demised moose. We then stopped at an 
overlook for some air and adrenaline metabolizing. Mr. Moose Brain passed 
us with his pickup and, once we resumed traveling, didn't bother to let 
anyone by even though he had seen us pass him before at a _little_ faster 
than his 25 mph speed. Oh, well, "Qs away!" (followed by whistling sound of 
antennae and Sanborn's spinner ;-)

Chris Semple, patron saint of Bow, NH, was driving his 
just-complete-the-Al-Can-rally _appearing_ tqc, claiming "my other car is 
in the shop." i'm a little skeptical since chris IS the shop ;-)
An aside:  I had washed my car that morning, but it was STILL slower than 

Paul Royal had his "but it only smokes after downhills" 90Q20V which was a 
good match for my car from a performance and driver psychosis standpoint.

I was driving my '87 4k CSQ with the "yea it bobs a little over the bumps, 
but the struts only have 130k on them."

Osman was cruising his Pearl White, "stuck-in-second-gear, who let the gas 
out of my rear struts?" 200Q (10 valve turbo) ;-). {I'm going to suffer 
mightily for that one if the next run is uphill and has faster, smoother 

Duane had the "maybe if I'd _removed_ the cat I might be able to keep     
up . . ." 100Q with custom-faded paint.

Stott Hare was driving Chris Semple's (graciously loaned) '87 4k CSQ with 
Jim (?) of turbo GTI fame as a navigator.

Mike Bradley had the "boy I hope I don't smash this chasing these wackos" 
A4Q (with premium interior/sig. other)

Shef Corey sported his "hey, you in front of me, are my headlights on?" 5k 

Bob (?) had a '97 A3 VR6 with 400 miles, understandably taking it ~easy.

Others were present, but I didn't see enough of them (or their taillamps) 
to be able to remember details.

All in all, great fun! Glen, Trish, Igor, Human, we missed you and hope to 
see you next time.


James Marriott, BSME
Manchester, NH, USA
'64 Falcon Sprint Convertible--balanced & blueprinted V-8
    GOES great. Stopping?
'86 4000S        the better half's commuter
'87 4000CSQ      H-stock auto-x und daily driver, Kanc-1 veteran