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RE: Buying a '90 90 Quattro 20V?

The symptoms you describe are being caused (IMHO) by the collapsing field when 
the A/C compressor cycles. Another symptom is a loud pop in the speakers 
(Bose). There was an Audi tech bulletin in early 1990 about this. Audi, of 
course, has the fix. For ~$120 they will sell you a kit which contains a xener 
diode that goes across the leads to the compressor. My 91 200q has the speaker 
pop, but stalling is also a symptom in the tech bulletin. I have not fixed it 
yet, but do plan on buying either a large capacitor or a xener diode somewhere 
other then the dealership for about $5. Mine seems to cycle about every 15 

mike miller

From: 	owner-quattro@coimbra.ans.net on behalf of Timothy King
Sent: 	Monday, October 21, 1996 10:56 AM
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Subject: 	Buying a '90 90 Quattro 20V?

Hi -- (A lurker speaks!)

I test drove this 90/90Q Saturday. It's got 61,000 miles, body's in good
shape -- though one small (shopping cart?) dent and some eager dog
scratches -- and runs well. Timing belt and H20 pump just done.
Suspension and steering feel good. Deep burgundy color. Seat heaters are
to die for...Over all, a nice driver.

One concern is the automatic climate control system. Aside from looking
like something designed by GM, how are these things? One thing that
might be related to the system -- I noticed a clicking sound (relay?)
coming from the dash. It seemed to be related to the heater turning on
and off as it tried to regulate the temp, but I'm not sure. As the click
occurred, the car would hesitate or miss. I didn't notice this happening
when I wasn't using the automatic setting. This happened at the very end
of my test drive after the mechanic had checked it out. I looked in the
archives, but nothing jumped out at me. Can anyone shed any light on

BTW, she's asking $13,500 (USD) for the car. I got her down to $12,000.
I really want one of these cars, but it seems a little high. Problem is,
there aren't many around (Seattle). This car is actually a couple hours
away. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks,

Tim King
Desperately seeking 90Q 20v
making do with 83 Vanagon