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Re: Solo or Escort?

What do you mean 5000 doesn't tell you signal stregth??
The hight of the pyramid which represents a signal tells you the signal 
Solo can't track multiple signals while 5000 can!



 On Mon, 21 Oct 1996, James Vincent Scatena wrote:

> I have had the chance to own both a 5000 and a Solo 4.  First off the
> technology is the same.  The Solo in my opion was the better of the two
> detectors for many reasons.  First the display of the 5000 was
> terrible.  It told you a lot of neet stuff but fails to give you a
> strength meter.  They both are about the same for detection so it
> depends on what type of display you want -- one that tells you how
> strong the signal is (solo) or one that looks pretty and doesn't tell
> you anything (5000)
> Jim