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Re: Be thankful for bad luck

Hi Dave,

I took the droF to church cause the Audi was in the shop gettin' a "new"
(well, new to it - courtesy of Chris Semple in NH and a bit of cash) tranny.
The old one went out on me about 125 miles from home at 5:30 AM on a
Saturday morning.  :-(  I wuz drivin' on cruise control within 10 mph of the
posted speed limit, honest, I wuz, Ossifer.  Nuthin' fancy wuz going on -

Shoulda included that info in the post, huh?

The better half is not amused.  She is rabidly [ :-) ] becoming "not an Audi
fan".  I'm having trouble keeping two vehicles roadable at once.

At 06:13 PM 10/21/96 -0400, you wrote:

>You drove an Audi to DC and a Dorf to Church???  Bob, we need to talk...
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