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RE: Coupe Repairs...

Dorab, my A/C leaked all its juice out, yielding a hot summer ride. I
took it to a local A/C shop, had them evacuate the system (like it
needed it!) and locate the leaks, cost $45. They were in the condenser.
On Bob D'Amato's recommendation, I pulled the condenser, which is an
aluminum Modine unit, and took it to a local radiator shop. They welded
the leaks and painted it, cost $30. I put the condenser back in, took my
CQ back to the first shop, who put in some R12 lubricant and charged the
system, cost $135. Much cheaper than the hosing the dealer is proposing
for you. It took me a week, what with three trips to local shops, and
half an hour to remove the condenser, and half an hour to re-install it.
Total cost $210, plus an hour of my labor and a week chasing stuff.

My bomb is making signs (brake warning light takes 15-20 seconds to go
out when I start my CQ, and comes on briefly while driving if I jump on
the brakes) of wanting replacement, which I have been putting off. I am
going to try Blaufergnugen (sp?) and Linda for a replacement.

Ian Duff, 1990 Coupe quattro 20v, Red/Black
quattro Owners Club member P877

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>I just *forced* my Audi dealership service department to give me an estimate
>on my airconditioning system, which had been leaking during the last four
>months, but I decided to hold off repairing it. They came back with an
>estimate for a hydroulic pump and a hydroulic accumulator as well as a
>"ignition system". I had taken the car in earlier the day before to check a
>knocking sound coming from the front of the block, and took a ride with the
>mechanic. He said that there really wasn't anything wrong, and that I should
>just wait until the parts break down...*but*, that's not what the "service
>representative" said! Check this out:
><<more snippage, Audi dealer with a cranial-rectal transplant>>
>Then I asked, "is any of this really necessary?", he replied "well, if you
>want your car
>to perform as it should..."      What balls! I was *told* that it wasn't
>necessary, and this 
>******** tries to get me to replace shit that I don't really need - I need an
>airconditioning system to defog the car now!
><<more snippage>>
>I *will* keep you guys up to date on how this dealership is diagnosing
>problems, and I'm *not* paying $ 70/hour for bull***t! I can go to another
>one, bring my own parts, and pay only $ 56/hour, but I prefer the mechanic at
>the dealership I have been using - he knows his stuff! I won't disclose the
>name of the place right now, but later, when I have verified everything.
>Any of you coupe owners replaced the hydroulic pump yet?? Bet that you
>haven't!! I know that the "bombs" go after a while....and can anyone verify
>that the accumulator is the "bomb"? Or, do I have to *add* to my grand total
>of $ 1,878.50??
>BTW, the total quote for an a/c condensor, compressor, charge, labor and
>freon is..... (hold your breath!)....$ 1,800.95!! (I *don't* mind paying the
>$ 70.00 labor if things are done right!!)
>TIA everyone,
>Dorab (Nivi@aol.com)
>1993 S4
>1990 CoupeQ
>1986 Chevy Caprice