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re: CQ shocks (again)

Tasos said:

>I have taken my CQ in for shocks replacement; I've decided to go with
>Boge turbo gas; the shop, however, suggests that I replace the shock
>mounts ($20 a piece) for the front, and the rear strut mounts as well (at
>$110 a piece). 
??? shock mounts??? Do you mean strut bearings? Definitely replace them 
if you're replacing the shocks...Think about it, the lower a arm (and bushings)
form a triangle with the strut...if the strut bearing or the bushings are worn
that triangle will move all over the place...

the rear strut bearing should be the same as the front, and around $20/each.

>My question is do I really need to replace those with 73K miles? see above
>The front shock mounts are fine looking at them externally... what should
>I be looking for?
it's hard to see, but cracking of the rubber around the bushing. Mileage and
steering feel (wandering) are more symptoms of worn bearings..

Good luck with the new suspension!

Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Q (improved with Koni externally adjustable struts!)