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Audi videos; more or less complete list

Here is more or less a complete list of Audi videos available in the US in 
VHS/NTSC standard. (Other titles are available if you have a PAL/SECAM capable 
VCR.)   If anyone knows of other NTSC titles I would like to be advised.  FYI, 
NTSC is the standard used for tapes, VCR's and TV's in North America, Japan and 
certain other parts of the Far East.  


The Audi Quattro Experience:  mostly rally action as opposed to the experience 
of owning one, and therefore in contrast to the other tapes in this series.

Audi Quattro-The Official Story:  Originally entitled " The Triumph of an 
Idea", a factory film.  Covers rally success, Pikes Peak, Trans Am, IMSA and 
Touring car.  Interviews, etc.

Auto Union Racing Cars:  sort of related.  There is a one volume factory tape, 
"The Silver Arrows from Zwickau."   There is also a two volume history from 
Chris Nixon called "Racing the Silver Arrows", the same title as Chris' book.  
These are both wonderful, but of no interest if you are solely a modern Audi 

Quattro Racing in the US:  Covers two things-the 88 Trans Am and the 89 IMSA 
GTO categories. 


 There is of course lots and lots of rally footage with Audi starring.  Some 

 The Rally Supercars:  4 films on Group B cars, one on the Quattro Sport.  
Single best rally tape for excitement purposes.  

 World Rally Reviews and Compilations from relevant years, particularly 85 and 
A three event review of 84 is available called A Tale of 3 Rallies (Monte 
Carlo. Sweden, Portugal).  
 Twilight Zone, mentioned in some of the postings:  Two films, the first is 
Twilight Zone, the '82 Swedish rally, focusing on 3 Quattros of Mikkola, Mouton 
and Blomqvist.  The second film is on the "77 Rallye de Portugal, of less 
interest to Audi fans.   

 Rally Champions of the '80's:  covers the Audi years.

 Individual rally tapes:  available for most Group B events in 85 and 86.

 The two rally crash tapes don't have much Audi (maybe Audis don't crash?!)  :-)


The 1996 British Touring Car tape should be great with the A4 as winner.  That 
tape will be available  AT THE END OF NEXT WEEK!!!! and I have my order in.  
Otherwise, there is very little Audi on the German, British, Australian or 
Italian Touring Car tapes that are available in NTSC.

All of these tapes are available at a variety of sources.  Classic Motorbooks 
have some, Duke Video has some,  Motorcam has some, Minigrid in Canada has 
some, Rallysport has some.  From my checking all the catalogs, the only place 
that  has all of the above is Autogalerie Ltd., 412-741-9472.  If you have any 
questions on any of the tapes, I will be happy to tell you what I remember  or  
give you my impressions.