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Re: VR6 vs Audi6 and Passat(A4) engine choices

In a message dated 96-10-15 18:44:03 EDT, scottst@microsoft.com (Scott
Stiles) writes:

<< Rumour has it *no* future VWs will have the VR6,
 I've heard the "rights" have been sold do Mercedes. >>

Not so.  A-Class Volkswagens will continue to use the VR6 and the VR5.  The
new Passat will also get the VR5.

As to the Mercedes connection, Volkswagen is selling VR6 engines to M-B for
use in a transporter/people van which is not offered in the U.S. market.

<<Also, I believe that the Passat will not come with the
"Quattro" system for 4wd, but rather with the simpler
"Syncro" system.>>

It will be marketed as "Syncro" but in its heart, it knows it's a "quattro."