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Re: QList Netiquette?

>Hey, guys, what do you all mean by bandwidth?  I've been studying off and
>on for a Ham license and nowhere does the definition fit anything we do on
>the internet?  I'm confused.   That's all.  It seems like a buzz word that
>is used whenever someone gets po'd at mail they don't want to skip over.
>Just asking.....not trying to be my usual bitchy self. <G>

Hee hee! Well, it's somewhat different than HAM radio. On the internet --
take the q-list, for example. Your one post will be *multiplied* (bunny
math) to 800 (and growing) copies. And it's just more in a grand style in
usenet land in terms of "wasting the darn bandwidth." As such, people who
quote the whole bloody post and only add one line after the quoted text is
severly flamed to a crisp. If you want to quote the whole thing and not to
get flamed, go to rec.humor -- they always have one of those "never-ending
threads" going.

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