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Re: F the jacket-talk

> 	I hate to make this string longer, but Phil, you are missing the 
> point.  No one has suggested excluding the UK boys from the list.  If you 
> feel the need to leave, well, bye.  But, the point to all of this is you 
> can make your point about some jacket, coat, hat, whatever, 1 time and 
> leave it at that.  

Ok, I've seen far more metadiscussion than I have messages *actually
about* the jackets, and some of it has been abrasive.

If you have a neat plan, keep it low-key, especially if there is money
involved.  If you don't like a message, email the author privately.
If you don't have a reason to cc the list, don't.  And if something is
not even tangentially related to Audis, there are other lists.

I've seen it happen before -- a group forms to discuss one thing,
everyone becomes friendly, they start trading random banter, and soon
the content level has dropped sharply.  It just happens, because the
group is large and email is a poor medium for social contact.

It's not my list so I ca'n't force people to be nice -- but hey, let's
keep it friendly and high-content.  Everyone wins.  About the only reason
I ever log in at home is to read this list, and I'm kind of fond of it.