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Track experience @ PIR

This was posted to the NW list, but I thought some would enjoy it on
the main list as well. "Larry" is Larry Vollum, a proud owner of several
fine race cars including a couple of Sport Q's.

steve powers

> As others have said, it was wet and it was fun. It was unique for me
> in that I had just returned from a 2500 mile motorcycle ride, jumped
> into the S6 and put it on the track. Talk about weird.
> While I didn't spin it on the parade lap, I did spin in turn nine on
> my first lap at speed. Joe Goeke, the instructor with me said 'you
> know you could have saved it'. Yes, I did, but something told me
> not to try. Probably the right thing to do as I didn't spin again
> and saved it several times in turns 2, 4 and 9.
> Portland is fast, but very deceiving. I wasn't real comfortable late
> braking into turn 1. It is below a rise and the braking zone is just
> after the exit from the Indy chicane. Many people must've felt the
> same way as I saw brake lights in about the same place every lap.
> Reiner Fink did _very_ well in his A4. It took me a few laps to reach
> and overtake him. The Grocery Gitter couldn't make time on him in the
> corners, but could catch him on the straights. With a really good
> drive out of 9, I caught and passed him.
> I was one of the fortunates to have Larry as an instructor. He really
> knows this track. I also got to ride in the Sport. The Gitter could
> reach about 125 down the front straight (if I looked), while the
> Sport hit about 145. It was pissing when we went out in Larry's
> car. He purposely avoided all of the apex "lanes" and muscled the
> car around each corner. We tried it with all locked, front only
> and all unlocked. He can even switch off the ABS in that car.
> All said and done, it was the best event the club has put together
> to date. While a bit unorganized at first, particularly when
> newcomers were asking questions, the answers to which would be
> obvious after the parade lap with an instructor. I would suggest
> that in future events the instructors be prepared to answer these
> questions on the parade lap. After all, that's what they're there
> for.
> steve powers
> spowers@spdg.com