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Drove a 1.8T at University (fwd)

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(from the NW Audi list... University refers to University Audi in Seattle)

> Yes, they have one 1.8T sitting there - FWD, AT, Bamboo metallic with
> leatherette interior.  There were metal (persumably aluminum) with a printed
> pattern trim pieces where there is usually wood.  It seemed to blend in well.
> I'm sure Eliot will go and put it thru its paces, so I'm not going to say much,
> however, I found it to be quite pleasant to drive.  The AT wasn't as annoying
> as I usually find them to be and only at one point did I disagree with its
> gear selection... it was a gear lower with correspondingly high RPMs.
> Going up a steep hill, I felt like I could use a little more power,
> but this is compared to the 5000 running with 1.8bar...  Torque steer was
> conspicuous by its absence, but there again, I wasn't looking for it.
> I told Douglas I would swap it for my 95 90Q for which 'next week' and
> 'tomorrow' finally came today (more about that in a separate post)
> and I meant it.
> Orin,
> 1995 90Q finally unsquished,
> 1986 5000 CSQ just turned 153000 miles