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Re: 1983 URQ Springs

>Thanks for the input Bryan.  I didn't mention it, but I replaced the old
>shocks with Bilsteins all around at the same time.  The ride height is not
>drastically lower, about 3/4" as the vendor indicated it would be.  He said
>any greater lowering would be a problem.  My mechanic's concern is that the
>springs will be able to shift in their "cups" if they are of a smaller
>What is the consensus? Cut the bump stops or not?

Well, now wait a minute.  I put the same springs, which were supposed ot
lower my car no more than 1/2" to 3/4" and replaced the shocks with some
Supposedly special issue Audi (Boge) shocks a few years ago.  The ride was
like a brick for about a week (the handling amazing!) but it all softened
up after a bit.  And the d**n springs lowered the car  2" plus when it was
all said and done.  Which was NOT good in Colorado with the ice piles left
by the snow plows.  They would have been replaced, if not for the labor
involved.  It's more tolerable here in Louisiana, although the hydrolocking
of the engine in the flood last year probably would have been avoided with
another inch in ride height.

Wait a little while ot see if it settles.  Although, the springs that I got
seemed to be the same diameter and the bump stops were, I believe, left
intact.  I'll ty to call my old mechanic later today and let you know IF he


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