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warranty, keep list international, pro-AWD rant

((This message originally sent 10/24 - seems to have evaporated into
electronic never-never land, cause it didn't show up on the list - or may be
I just totally missed it? Anyway, trying again, sorry if it becomes a

Recently checked with AoA on callback history of my utterly archaic 1986
5000S (Gottinhimmel, Fritz! Zomevone iss shtill dryfink von off dose antiques!)

AoA said contact your local dealer for this - all their "old stuff" is now
on microfilm & they don't have it. Local dealers in Orlando, Cocoa, and
Gainesville FL have ignored my polite faxes . . .  ??

Anyone know what warranty/callbacks were done for 1986 5000S series (Std.
shift - not automatic)?

Topic 2 - Please keep our Brit friends on the list! If we subdivide and
subdivide and subdivide, pretty soon each of the new, insular (and I use
that word deliberately) lists will consist of only ONE person talking to
themselves. There are simply NOT enough of us Audinauts to keep half a dozen
miniscule, local lists up and interesting enough to check regularly.

Now I know Dan IS the listmeister, and I watch him do a SUPERB job, and it
is HIS list. Dan, please let some of these not-quite-100% Audi content
messages past - we don't live by Ingolstadt alone <G>

BTW, one of the things I found extremely useful from the overseas contingent
was the concept that digitally enhancing the photos from the GATSO
constituted tampering with the evidence. My fiancee' is a laywer (Nomex ON!)
(but she's a DEFENSE attorney . . . ) and she found that idea to be
precisely applicable in a case she's working on!

Topic #3 - FIM be cussed! Audi has developed a system (AWD) on their own
nickel (pfennig?), which they have built, tested, and which WORKS! And it
works better than the other guys' 2 WD stuff, as evidenced by the race
record. So now the other guys are sniveling that they can't keep up, so lets
ban 'em. Horse Puckey! Let the other guys run in the "Junior" leagues until
they can match Audi's technology - That's like saying, gee, my Cessna 150
goes 100 MPH and has only two seats, so you guys who build the 767 and the
Airbus can't have more than one passenger at a time and can't fly faster
than me. Or I'll complain to the FAA. Sorry - I think (IMHO, right?) the
other guys should LOSE for a couple of seasons until THEY catch up with
Audi. Racing is supposed to IMPROVE the breed, not put artificial limits on
it. (Jethro! - thet guy Henry Ford has a GASOLINE engine in his buggy! He's
faster than 'ol Paint here, 'n Dobbin, too! Lets ban gasoline engines! They
ain't fair!) End of rant. Fume. Hiss. Growl.

Happy (Catch me if you can, you slugs!) Audinaut,

Mike Arman