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Sleeping Beauty

Since we had been on the subject of names recently, I would have to
cristen my machine by the name of Aurora.  Twofold reference: 1) Those
groovy slotcars with which I would spend hours as a kid; and 2) Thet
all-time great animated classic by Disney, Sleeping Beauty (I wish they
would re-release it.)  The second reference pertains more to my present
situation.  Right now, it looks like I'm going to be putting my car in
storage over the winter months (How I will miss the Q in the snow!).

So here are my Questions:

-Anything I can do to prepare the car for winterized storage?  It will be
in the garage.

-I may be able to put it on stilts.  If so, what can I check out /
inspect / work on while I can see up her skirt?

-Anything else you can think of that I should be aware of?

Thanks for everything (God, I love this list)

JP Mahala (jpmahala@juno.com)

'91 Coupe Quattro (in training for TOP SECRET government experiment in