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Re: A stupid question about my 83 4ks

Achille Riviello wrote:
> As the subject line says, I have a rather stupid question about my 83 4ks.
> The designation on the car is "4000S 4E".  Can anyone tell me what the "4E"
> means?

The "4E" denotes what type of transmission that was installed in the
car.  In this case it is a 4-speed with an "E"cononmy gear.  (Better
know as a 5-speed with a taller than normal fifth gear.)  As I recall,
the difference between the 4E and the normal 5-speed was around 750rpm
at 55MPH.  

I never did own one of these, but a friend did.  IMO, it was nicer to
drive on the highway since the engine was turning less and therefore
made for quieter cruising.



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