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Re: quattro-digest V3 #1269

jpmahala@juno.com (John P Mahala) sez:
> Upon opening the driver's door I am horrified by the macabre scene in
> front of me.  The rubber boot that protects all the wires running from
Al Powell replied:
>The problem here is NOT the quality of the wire, but the absence of a
>protective rubber boot through which all the wires should run!!
>Don't depend on electrical or friction tape.  It might serve as
>an emergency mesaure, but it may leave goop on the wires

You WILL have to cut or disconnect the wires if you use heatshrink.
Don't do it unless they all are already broken (not just bare).

Get some "wiring loom" at your auto parts store.  There are various
diameters of split loom available, choose one generously big enough
for the bundle of wires.  Tape each wire so it is insulated and
enclose the whole bundle in the loom.  this will protect from the
sharp edges of the openings in the door and jamb.

'86's: 5ks&5ktq (still 10sec starting) by the Hudson