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RE: Raising the Titanic

And in NH it's a pain in the tookus to get that titled unless its older
than a 1996....if so....it won't have a salvage title.

On Fri, 25 Oct 1996, Duff, Ian wrote:

> Just beware that your beloved Coupe will now have a salvage title, makes
> it worth less (two words here, be nice!) should you ever want to sell
> it.
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> >From: 	human[SMTP:human@nh.ultranet.com]
> >Subject: 	Raising the Titanic
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> >So I'll get 1475 minus my deductible (250) minus the "salvage value" per the
> >adjuster.  Let's all please  genuflect to the appropriate supernatural
> >entities (Schrodinger's cat) and hope for a *small* salvage value so I can
> >get this boat (oops) rolling again.  Cleanup commences this weekend - I
> >wonder if it'll run?
> >