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Re: (and update on shocks replacement)

You're concern about the life of the Boge Turbo gas shocks will probably go
away after you reach the 70,000 mile mark. I ran a set for 100k then took in
my 5 year old receipt and exercised the lifetime warrenty.  The warranty
exchange was a great hassle, but they finally delivered with the condition
that I turn in my old shocks 1st ( a better parts store could have save me
that inconenience)  The rep said I was the only person he knew of to ever use
the warranty.

btw, the car is still going strong at 205k miles, uses about a quart in 3k
miles (can almost reach the oil change interval if I drive easy), needs paint
desperatly, needs to have the sunroof worked on but meanwhile it is a great &
comfortable car to drive

85 5000