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Re: A4Q vs RX7TT? Unh Unh.

thanks, graydon, for averting a "flame war" with your disclaimers. 
however, your "reality check" response to my post was an indirect way of saying "you are 
an idiot and have no idea what you are talking about"; i'll try to contain my resentment 
and instead offer the following:

>>I think that either the RX7 driver was grossly incompetent, or he wasn't trying.  
>>There simply is no contest >>what i said was "i had the occasion to run with a '94 mazda rx-7 (255 bhp) on I35 and the 
A4Q did us proud"; ...this neither mentions nor implies that the a4q actually bested the 
mazda--only that it was not embarrassed in the chase.

>> I think that us quattro nuts rightfully hype up the quattro >>...my reference does not "hype-up the quattro"; in fact i didn't attribute 
any aspect of the a4q showing to quattro, but instead to great aerodynamics
at high speed.

and finally, a question--
>>The Talon guys do well to run low 12s and even high 11s in the 1/4 mile, but even they
>> admit that they are slow compared to alot of the pony cars that have the really 
>>serious mods >>...why in the world are you mentioning quarter mile comparisons to "pony cars" w/ mods?
1) i mentioned that i was on I35...at speed    and
2) the last time i checked, a mazda does not qualify for pony car status.  

btw graydon, i've owned and raced a '93RX-7.  thanks so much for your help.