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Awful Accel+Hesitation after few days of no driving

Hi fellow q-listers:

I've noticed this lately on my 1990 Coupe quattro 20V:

After a few days or more of not driving the car (business trip), I start 
it --- sounds really rough. Let it warm up a minute,
then pull away. Engine sounds louder than normal, and when I step on the 
gas, especially under load, the car hesitates/sputters.
In fact, the only real way to get moving is to rev up to approx 2500RPM+ 
and then let off the clutch. Otherwise I coast through intersections
and get totally embarassed (hey, it's an Audi, not a H**ndai!). Cruising 
over 3200RPM or so the car almost seems normal.

Even after the car warms up, it still acts that way, maybe only a bit 
better. Also, there are several RPM points during acceleration
when things get better --- around 2200, and again around 3000. 

If I park it, and come back after a few hours --- the problem's gone. 
I've also had this problem appear several times overnight after a bit
of dirt road driving.

Any ideas --- has anyone else had this happen to them?  Car was recently 
tuned -- new oil/filter, new timing belt, new air filter. I only have
60,000 miles on it. Some damned ECU/sensor problem???



1990 Coupe quattro 20V
Toronto, CANADA

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