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Re: '86 5K qt charging system

At 07:32 AM 10/28/96 +0000, you wrote:
>Have a son in San Diego with an electrical problem in his '86 5Kqt.
>About 3 months ago he replaced the battery and alternator because the
>battery was not retaining juice. Now the same thing is happening. While
>he has not checked out the alternator yet, (will do so today) does any
>one have any secrets about a possible cause. I assume either the
>alternator is not doing its job or he has some electrical draw on the
>battery after the engine is turned off.

I found out that my electric cooling pump and low speed fan was staying on
far too long due to an intermittently bad thermoswitch. Extended in town
driving/stopping jaunts and the battery/charging system wouldn't keep up.
Long drives and it would be fine. Check by disconnecting the thermoswitch
and driving w/o the system for a few days.


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