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Fog Lamps PIAA 959

Regarding the fog lamp question:

I have been using the PIAA 959 projector fog lamps for the past 3 years with good
results. I used them on my previous 5000CST and put them on my most recent 200TQ. 
The 5000/200 lights are so bad that I needed something to see where I was
going in all the wet weather we get up here in the PNW. The lights work well
at lighting up the immediate front and sides of the road but don't have much effect
on the distance vision. They work well in foggy conditions and during  heavy snow fall.
The lights are very robust, with powder painted aluminum housings and thick lens assemblies. 

They came with a nice wiring harness, lighted switch and relay and have 85W bulbs.
They get hot! The  959's are quite large though (round, slightly oval shape) and look 
like two James Bond rocket launchers under my front bumper. The newer smaller
 PIAA 1200 series or one of the other rectangular series might be a better choice.  
The standard lens (white light) is a good choice for driving, the yellow light from 
the crystal ion lens looks a little bizarre and may not really be needed with the 
sharp cutoff already provided.

Scott M.