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Re: Bose?

Al Powell sez:

>DON'T!!  You can find MUCH better stereo parts for less money and 
>build your own system.  It's NOT hard to equal or surpass the Bose 
>system, and you will have one which you can modify as you wish.  The 
>Bose system is not the equal of a good aftermarket system, and it's a 
>closed-end, proprietaty system.  You can't change ANYthing in it 
>without going thru the whole system.  PITA.

>The biggest weakness of the Bose system in my 200 was highs.  It 
>sounded great at first, but I soon realized that the high-end 
>frequency response was PITIFUL.  AKA: It sucked.  The Bose is heavily 
>biased to mid-and-low-end response.  TOO much, IMO.

Al is absolutely right. BOZO is such an overpraised underachiver. I have no idea 
why there is such a hype with it. Quality stinks. No merits whatsoever. I couldn't 
stand the sound, replaced mine with a full Alpine sys within the first month of 
ownership of the car. (I am keeping my Nomex on the hangers in the closet. I 
happened to run the installation shop {Sassafras Soundworks} as a side business. 
Must have installed HUNDREDS of systems. Was fortunate enough to compare all the 
big (and wanna-be big) names).
Ah, one more thing. My wife is a concert pianist, and her Rakhmaninoff tapes were 
the main reason why I swapped the BOZO sys for the Alpine.

Igor Kessel

'89 200TQ:
Head Unit: Alpine radio/cassette
Equalizer: Alpine, 11 channel ("Dancing Lights")
Front Amp: Alpine, 2 channel
Rear Amp: Alpine, 4 channel (bridged)
Front Sp: Alpine, 3 way
Rear Sp: Boston Acoustic, 3 way

P.S. Could anybody please tell me what is "PITA"?