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Re: [Fwd: Re: Fog Lamps]

Jeff W wrote:
> Did they eliminate the left tail brightener on the 1990's?
> Jeff
> '88 80q

My 89 90q has the rear fog light on the left side, with a switch for it 
in the dash next to the switch for the front fogs. That switch BTW, has 
been modified to let the fogs come on with parking lights or low beams or 
high beams......he he he

It's pretty easy, as some of you have asked for, all I did was to cut the 
power lead to the switch (which usu only shows 12v when the low beams are 
on) and replace it with 12v off of a relay triggered by the dash light 
circut. This way, no matter what the head lights are doing, the fog light 
switch always has power.

Have fun, and remember your fuses! 

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