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A4Q alignment vs straight-line numbness

I love my A4Q so don't take the following the wrong way - I'd just like to
address this shortcoming to make it even more enjoyable.

I've been putting an increasing number of (boring) highway miles on it
lately and the on-center numbness is really starting to wear thin.  I feel
like I'm doing the drunken wander when stone cold sober.  

I can't feel what's straight through the steering wheel and every
irregularity in, or banking of, the road surface leads to a new tack (with
me having to visually determine said tack and correct since I can't feel
it).  It makes for a very fatiguing highway drive.

Has anyone experimented with cranking in caster to get a more positive
on-center feel?  Anyone know what the range of adjustability is on the front


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