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AFNAC? BOSE? You don't want "hi fi" in the car?

 Good Acronym. AFNAC!

Igor or someone thinks that having a hi-fi in the car means you are
constantly blasting the tunes or whatever, and went as far as saying it was
I'm a musician, and I use my time in LA Traffic to review compositions.  I
replaced the head unit of my car so I could have a minidisc player in front,
a great format.  For some of us, it matters that the bass is muddy or the
highs  too crunchy.  A good sound system is also better for your eardrums.
 Lousy audio at medium volumes is worst than great, clean sound at louder

Utlimately it's about taste and sensitivity, tough.  I have found that with
about $900 smart dollars, I can transform crappy stock stereos into a very
clean, simple, enjoyable configuration, and have done that on every car I've
owned.  Driving with music is one of the greates of feelings.  Especially
when the freeway is a parking lot, like in LA.

Just my $.02, YMMV, AFNAC, BTW- thanks for your time and I'm glad this has
become an issue.

After all, the first four letters in audio make

AUDI !!   YES!!! I'M SO SMART!!!  Gotta go pat myself on the back!!

Saam Gabbay
1990 Coupe Quattro.