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Re: A4 vs RX-7TT

Kent Rafferty and Richard Funnell sent me the private mail, that prompted me to 
see my own words in a whole new light:

>I'll just reply to you to avoid lengthening this thread.  I believe that
>the issues of rudeness and ignorance were possibly related to the term jap.
>I have several Japanese friends and I must say I take offence to it.
>Hopefully, you didn't mean it as an insult, so I won't lose any sleep over
>it.  Sometimes it's good to keep in mind the wide range of listers and try
>to avoid such terms.

I would like to post my reply to the whole list only because it is of a great 
importance to me.

I am sorry and really embarassed that I've written that phrase in such an 
ill-thought form. Its just this silly way of mine of abbreviating things like 
"sys" for a system or "jap" for japanese, the latter being of a somewhat common 
street slang. It had never occured to me (although should have) that it may sound 
insulting =8(. Thanks for pointing it out to me.

I hold japaneese people and their achivements, as well as their national 
qualities, in a profound esteem. I never meant to insult them (or anyone else for 
that matter) in any way. My dumb phrase was a rather awkward way of stating that I 
prefere european made cars to any others.

I would like to apologize for my phrase before the japanese fellow Q-listers and 
anyone else who might have been offended by it.


Igor Kessel