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RE: Lastest "EUROPEAN CAR" has lame A8 article

>The list members are in my experience not exactly the target audience
>for a $57,000-$65,000 car.
>That said, after my testdrive in an A8 4.2q, I was thinking that if I
>ever had that much to spend on any one car, this would be it. I'd still
>rather buy an older 911 and an A4 1.8tq and keep some change, even after
>modifying the A4, though :-).
>- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, issaquah, wa, usa
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From:	Dave Head [SMTP:dhead@sundial.sundial.net]
>>We're all excited by the possibilities of the new 1.8T, and 30Vtt S4.  How
>>many OF US are lining up for an A8???

	You're right, Peter. If I had $65 big ones burnin' a hole in my pocket
I'd put it toward a nice sloop...unless, of course, I hit the lottery for 65
million or more, but then I'd probably just get a bigger sailboat and wouldn't
need a car very often anyway:-)

	What got me about the article were things like: any A4 owner would
recognize the interior, with the exception of Nappa leather and a nice
aluminium shift gate they are practically the same. This is not a direct quote,
but this is the "feel" I got from the author's remarks. I think the A8 has up'd
the ante for the "benchmark" of the luxocars. The author, to me, thinks it's a
nice technological exercise at best...Again, that's just how I read the

	The list was talking about camparo's the other day, I've noticed
recently that in most of the comparison tests I seen Audis are mysteriously
missing from the different classes of vehicles into which they fall...Are the
US mags still holdin' a grudge??

							Happy motoring,